children are diagnosed with Autism every hour. That’s over 1.3 million every year.

1 in 59

children in the USA are identified as being on the Autism Spectrum. It is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the USA.


 is the average cost per annum for intensive early intervention services.


FOR TOO long, access to life changing early intervention has been extremely limited and expensive. Early intervention centres are overloaded and waitlists can be months or years long. For children living in rural or isolated communities, options for early intervention are virtually nonexistent. The current treatment options have not changed much within the last 50 years and there has been little advancement in the use of digital technology.


ROCKMELON will deliver highly individualised programs which use machine learning to help children progress through the lessons in the most effective and efficient way. It will allow us to increase the speed and improve the focus of early intervention treatment. 

Rockmelon will be able to reach children wherever they are in the world to deliver quality early intervention and help parents and their children achieve their very best outcomes.